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Route to ISEM Market and Market Entry

If you’re looking to join the electricity wholesale or retail markets, participate in the Capacity Remuneration Mechanism, provide DS3 System Services, find a service partner to manage your business for you, or need a power purchase agreement to sell your power directly to an off-taker, Mullany Energy can advise and provide training on the requirements, provide due diligence on existing operations, and/or help you to optimize your chosen structure.

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Regulatory Representation Advice

Mullany Energy can represent your business with the energy regulator, transmission system operator or retail market operators. Attendance and reporting from industry forums, responses to consultations and supporting bilateral meetings are all supported. Mullany Energy has a track record influencing new market designs to clients’ benefit and influencing the evolution of those markets once established.

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Renewable subsidies can have complicated interactions with other elements of the market. While closed to new entrants, ROC and REFIT projects still must deal with the interactions with the energy and capacity markets. RESS, the new renewable scheme in Ireland, is expected to increase complexity further. Mullany Energy is available to lobby on the detailed design and advise on the outcome rules.

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Network of Strategic Service Partners

Mullany Energy works with a close group of like-minded independent consultants and consultancy firms to manage issues such as Grid Connection, Retail Market Accession, and Power System and Market Modelling. Mullany Energy does not charge referral fees and will direct clients and prospective clients to people who can help, if it falls outside the range of its offered services.

With many more services to offer you and your business feel free to get in contact for a full list of services that are available.